A&C Reading Group


We will meet (almost) every Monday, from 12-1:30pm at MC 5501 (Tutte Colloquium room), to discuss recent papers in theoretical computer science (TCS), or neighboring areas, of general interest to the group.

It is expected (but not required) that each participant will serve as the leader for at least one paper during the term. Participants who are new to TCS may attend for a while before leading a paper. Participants should bring a copy (or e-copy) of the paper to the meeting. It is recommended but not required that the other participants read at least the introduction to the paper before the meeting. The lead reader is expected to read the paper thoroughly in advance, but need not understand every detail. He or she will lead us through the paper with some combination of a standard whiteboard presentation and group discussion of difficult points. Constructive interruptions, questions, etc., are encouraged.

This reading group is organized by Sepehr Assadi, Lap Chi Lau, and Rafael Oliveira. For more information, please contact any of the organizers.


Below is the schedule for the current term.

Seminar Date Lead Reader Paper
October 16 Lap Chi Lau Sunflowers
October 23 Alex Tung Chaining & Hypergraph Sparsification
October 30 Sepehr Assadi Compressing Protocols
November 6 No Reading Group (FOCS & STOC deadline)
November 13 Argyris Mouzakis Automatic Inequality Prover and Instance Optimal Identity Testing
November 20 Janani Sundaresan Online Discrepancy Minimization
November 27 Mika Goos Top-Down Lower Bounds for Depth-Four Circuits
December 4 David Wajc Negative association: Definition, Properties, and Applications
December 11 Cameron Seth Containers